Privacy Policy Privacy Policy (DPL) cares about your privacy as much as we care about our own. The only reason we collect and use your personal data is to serve you. For example we may collect your business card and other personal data such as Name, Address, Telephone Number, Date of Birth, or E-mail address.

We will use this data only for the purpose you intended such as for communicating with you by e-mail, SMS (Text) or telephone calls.. 

We will never sell or give your personal data to others without your explicit permission and consent. 

We will hold your data for two years after which we will contact you to reaffirm your consent for us to maintain it for an additional two year period after that.

Our hosting company may use cookies and similar technologies. If they do, you will be so advised. To the best of our knowledge, our hosting company’s data is contained in the United States.

If you access, update or have your data deleted contact:, telephone 408-270-1800.